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TOEFL Registration In Nigeria...

In more than 180 countries the TOEFL test is conducted in schools or universities. These centers are operated by Prometric which is a part of the Thomson Learning Center. On non-availability of the online version of the TOEFL test, the paper-based test is conducted on specific dates.

In Nigeria the TOEFL test is conducted in several places. The latest information with regard to the TOEFL iBT test can be checked out in the TOEFL official web site . The web site should be checked often to know the updated testing centers. Registration is a compulsory step in order to gain eligibility to take the TOEFL. TOEFL registration is possible in different ways. These are, online TOEFL registration, registration by telephone and registration by mail. Get free bulletin of TOEFL in any of our offices.

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TOEFL Preparation in Nigeria ...

The best way to prepare for TOEFL is to plan your TOEFL Prep. A good study plan will be helpful for TOEFL Prep. The first thing that you should do before you start preparing for TOEFL is to get yourself familiar with the test. TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language is an exam which you have to clear in case you aspire to get admission in any of the English speaking countries. It is not an easy task to get a high score in TOEFL. It requires sheer dedication and a good TOEFL Prep.

TOEFL prep can be divided into three major parts. The first is gaining knowledge and there is no alternate solution to this part. You have to study hard to do well in the exams. We will discuss about studying later in the article. The second important part is to practice well to gain speed. The third but the most important part is to prepare your self mentally for the exam. This will give you a lot of confidence for preparation before the exam and also during the exam.

Format of TOEFL Test The most important thing in preparing yourself mentally for the exam is to know the format of the exam. So you should find out which format of the exam is available in the test center of your choice, or alternatively which test center has the format of your choice. There are two types of formats available presently under which you can register yourself and take your exam. The first format is IBT or internet based test and the second format is PBT or paper based test. Depending upon which format is available in your country you can get yourself registered and do TOEFL Prep accordingly.

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Once you know the format in which you will appear, the next step would be to know about the syllabus of the exam. It will be very useful to go through some old TOEFL tests and get hold of some good study material. You may choose any method of study for TOEFL Prep. You can study through books, in the coaching centers or with friends. ETS, which is the organizing authority for the exam, has itself published a guide book for preparation for TOEFL exam. A web site and a Sampler by ETS are also available for TOEFL prep. There are numerous other books available in the market on TOEFL. Some of these books are Delta's Key to the TOEFL Test, Barron's How to Prepare for the TOEFL Essay, Kaplan TOEFL iBT with CD-ROM and Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test. These books can be helpful for TOEFL Prep. The choice of a good book is very important and requires attention.

The second part of mental preparation is about keeping your mental peace during the examination. This will be possible if there are no external factors affecting you. It is important that you reach the test center in time, carry the necessary items like identification proof etc with you and know the directions for appearing for the exam. This will not only give you confidence but also save a lot of time during the examination.

Time Required for TOEFL Prep TOEFL Prep entirely depends upon the knowledge and skill that you would have acquired and the level may be different for the students from different backgrounds. You can not exactly define the time required for the study but tentatively it may take 3 to 4 months for an average student. In this time you have to prepare yourself keeping in mind the format of the exam and also take as many practice tests as possible.

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