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What is GRE®-Test Description?

A standardized test, the Graduate Record Examination(GRE) measures Verbal, Mathematical and Analytical Writing skills.

The test intends to primarily aid Graduate Schools (of all fields other than business) to assess the potential of the applicants for advanced study. Most universities in the US, while inviting applications from prospective students, ask for GRE® scores.


About ETS !

The US-based "Educational Testing Service" (ETS), which works under the direction of the Graduate Record Examination Board, develops and administers the GRE®.

ETS is responsible for setting questions, conducting the test and sending score reports to each examinee.


The Computer Based Test !

The examination is entirely a Computer-based Test, and no two students get an identical set of questions. The test is scored on a maximum of 1600.

The GRE® Score alone cannot guarantee admission into a school - the test is only one of the major factors taken into consideration in the long process of an applicant getting admitted into a graduate school he/she desires.


Verbal/Quantitative Section !

In addition, an unidentified Verbal or Quantitative section that does not count toward a score may be included.

You should complete all Verbal or Quantitative sections since you will not know which one(s) will be counted as part of your score. An identified research section that is not scored may also be included in the computer-based General Test.


The Subject Test !

The Subject Tests are administered at paper-based administrations in October, November, and April, and measure undergraduate achievement in the following eight specific fields of study:

Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology
Computer Science
Literature in English

Each Subject Test assumes an under graduate major or extensive background in the discipline. The tests are given at authorized paper-based testing centers worldwide in November, December and April.

Structure of the Computer-Based General Test..
Verbal: 30-minute section
— 30 questions
Quantitative: 45-minute section — 28 questions

Analytical Writing: two sections

— one writing task per section
Present Your Perspective on an Issue — 45 minutes
Analyze an Argument — 30 minutes
Structure of thePaper Based General Test..
Verbal: two 30-minute sections — 38 questions per section
Quantitative: two 30-minute sections — 30 questions per section
Analytical Writing: two sections — one writing task per section
Present Your Perspective on an Issue — 45 minutes
Analyze an Argument — 30 minutes

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